Overseas card acceptability

If you want to swipe an overseas credit card for consuming, the most  obstacle is no doubt the acceptability of the overseas card at home. In this respect, Discover acceptance is far more than Visa, Master and Amex payment processing. This is because Discover has the cooperation with Unionpay Card. Discover card can swipe on domestic POS and settled in Unionpay channel.  And Uionpay card can swipe in America POS and settled in Discover  channel.  Discover card is also very easy to apply. Normally if you don’t have any credit record, it is very hard to get approval in application. While, the approval rate in Discover card application is very high.  You can use the card everywhere which accepts unionpay card. Pay the bill in RMB according to the up to date exchange buy rate in union bank.  This is very important, therefore you can purchase with overseas card to buy ticket and shopping.

  For the using of Discover, you can regard it as a bank card without password input. You can just click confirm in the password page. However there is some trouble in using practically. There is quite a number of cases that the cashier dare not to swipe the card as non-recognition of the card number starting with 6. Discover card only accept POS under union pay channel. Apple Pay, online payment cannot be used with Discover card.

  Sometimes the transaction with the card fails with unclear reasons. Some feedback if that if the Discover card has chip with it, the failed rate is much bigger. Some provided with correct usage method: First insert the chip card to POS, wait until the device displays the verification failed, than swipe directly with the magnetic strip.

       Amex card is normally accepted in some high-end places in domestic, such as high-end hotel, restaurant, etc. The places you can use is not that much. However, Amex exchange rate is very good for user, if you swipe big amount, it would save you much exchange fee.

Visa, Master card acceptance is better than Amex. Some cashier desk does not support the cards option, you will have to swipe by the switchboard of the shopping mall or call the supervisor to authorize the operation. It is very time consuming. Recently Wechat and Alipay have been able to add Visa and Master. It  will greatly improve the acceptability. 


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