Retail chain reform

The retail industry has developed and mutually affected with merchant credit card processing.  Its supply chain originated from traditional manufacturing industry emphasize the core on manufacture enterprise, which started from raw material purchase through production, processing, distribution, stock, dispatch and finally reach the customer. The core enterprise has a say at the supreme. The pace and efficiency of the whole chain are carried on revolve the core enterprise.

What’s ironic is that many so called supply chain core, the leader enterprise has nothing reach to the terminal customer. This naturally causes the comprehension of consumer needs like making overall judgment on the basis of one-sided viewpoint.  While there are some company act in contravention, they emphasize the demand chain management,  through continuously innovation and reform, build up a demand chain management structure and system.  In other words, the basis is built on market demand and customer needs, and form a correspondent merchandise structure, production and dispatch system, and stick on the entire system in real-time dynamic, to finally meet the fast changing demands of customer.

Under the demand chain guiding instruction, the innovative retail generally provide merchandise consisted of 30% processed food, 32% fast food, 12% fresh food, and 25% non-food product. In order to gain a comprehensive market demand signal, they build a reliable demand management information system, which convert the demand signal to useful information, supporting product replenishment and new product pull-in strategy.   

The successful of the above enterprise has been perfectly proved enterprise evolved from supply chain management to demand chain management brings huge energy.

Simply speaking, demand chain management is actually from production oriented to demand oriented, make the propelling model merchandise and slow updated category programming converted to pulling model and fast updated category. Based on consumer dem


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