Online store operation

Most of time the problem appears advertently, the real test to online store operation level is how to catch the subtleties which reflects the problem in the credit card payment processing platform. There are some  points that many of sellers may have neglected in the operation, which is tiny but fatal.  

These data continuous changes will affect your store synthetic weight.

In general, a store data is stable, but it is noticeable that in some circumstances you have not received notification of violation and being right down, but your store traffic is being letting down. It is normally because some of data in your store has been continuously changed around 7 days. 7 days is just a examine cycle for search engine to store data and merchandise data.

1.Store level rank continuously glides for a week

Store level main purpose is the top ceiling for free natural search traffic. If your store level rank is keeping gliding for a week, your store synthetic quality score will be affected.  The platform search engine will determine your store competitiveness is reducing, therefore they cut down your natural search traffic. The problem will go worse: traffic goes down, store level keeps gliding,  and it goes into this vicious circle. So when you find your store keeps gliding, the immediate jobs to be done is following:  1. Check the reason: transformation rate, single price, or traffic, or violation 2. To remedy as soon as you can.

2. Customer satisfaction keeps gliding for a week

The customer satisfaction score is a direct reflection of customer happy or not with your store. This is going to be a more and more important index, of which is its trend but a single day change. As its status is fluctuated, the rise or down for a single day is normal. However the continuous down will give rise to affection to your store. 

3. After sale service synthetic index percentage keep gliding for a week

This is a reflection of synthetic situation includes your refund rate, refund delays period, dispute etc. You need focus on your ranks, if your rank is gliding continuously, you will have to pay attention to it. 


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