Internet plus and home decoration

Home decoration industry to internetize is a necessity but a trend. It is noticeable that some home decoration business is starting to build their own decoration eco-system or change the previous operation logic or try to overcome the sales dilemma by exploring new solution.  In a sense, home decoration industry shows the market change in the current period is far larger than during the internet boom.  The business enterprise is cooperating with ecommerce platform which combines business seller and multi-payment especially payment by credit card and logistics.

Maybe it’s due to home decoration large industry chain, which result in the late and slow transformation. Or it is because in the internet boom, people are more focusing on the internet than the change of home decoration itself. Above all, home decoration is not emerging the development trend in the internet boom, while it shows in the internet plus period. There are more home decoration businesses embracing internet  and hope for exploring internet solution to solve the existed conundrum.    

The reason for this is that the user nature has a essential shift in the first place. In the present, home decoration’s main body of demand has turned from 1960s,1970s to 1980s, 1990s. The 80s and 90s generation is growing up under the nurture  of internet. Their mode of thinking and consuming habit is closely connected with internet.  It is a main lifestyle for them to solve living and working problems with the help of internet.   

The second reason is home decoration is correlated with internet at more of aspects. Actually home decoration with internet boom was stiff and rigid because the industry has no much changes itself at that moment.  In this stage, the industry is becoming internetized far more thoroughly than before.  

Therefore, home decoration is a necessity to be connected with internet at this period. Actively embracing with the internet not only can the industry enjoy its development achievement but also to crack the existed encounters, so as to enter a new advanced stage.



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