Logistics in ecommerce competition

The importance of logistics data is particularly obvious in new retail time. According to the ecommerce senior, in ecommerce business industry, the fight related to logistics is not likely to come to an end. Along with the new retail time approach, the many aspects such as: merchant credit card processing and logistics will come to a new stage. The logistics effect is not limited to transportation, efficiency. The data, service quality will also be a huge value for logistics and ecommerce business industry.

For ecommerce platform who builds its own logistics, or even transfer to outside as an dependent branch, the cooperation relationship with its previous logistics partner become competitor. Naturally the competition is not for logistics level, the deeper cause is from ecommerce business platform competition.  If the platform cease a cooperation with the old partner in the name of low ranked service quality, it’s the platform right to choose other  logistics company.

The quality for logistics will directly affect the consumer shopping experience in the ecommerce shopping mall. Fast, secured logistics service is a bonus point for the ecommerce shopping mall. In contrary, the delivery with poor timeliness and security will be bad influence in purchasing experience.  It surely implies that except for elements in ecommerce platform competition, the poor logistics service ability will become a constraint for the platform development.

Just because the competition between the enterprises, which causes public attention on logistics data, service quality etc. The enterprises insider the logistics  industry is forced to adjust and enhance themselves in relation with the existed issues and problems caused from the conflict time after time. With the development of ecommerce industry, the shipping line as the back end for shopping procedure, for improving the service quality in further step will become a key element in combat between ecommerce business.


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