E-wallet inactivation

Payment processor provide online gateway service through multiple ways for merchants. Merchant want to receive credit card payment, echeck, debit card, wire transfer etc, can choose according to their own needs. They can apply for multiple payment channel with different  processors.

E-wallet system is a kind of payment processing platform which serves directly not only merchant but also customers. Now electronic wallet has been an normal way for online users. Such as: Ebay, Alipay etc. We can pay through bank card registered on the e-wallet platform we can also  pay by the balance deposited in it.

Some people may not use their e-wallet frequently, for example, one year no login and no processing with their account. Some online wallet platform may cancel or log off the user account for inactive over one year. But it’s different according to each system worldwide. Not every account may be cancelled due to no login over a year.

Alipay on August 23rd has published the announcement for Alipay services agreement change. The announcement claimed that if user never used their account name or other way which is approvaly by Alipay to login within successive twelve months, Alipay will suspend the user account in question. The new policy effects on September 22nd.

As a matter of fact, the suspension over users by Alipay is a clean up at zombie account.  Alipay stated in registration agreement this is to be done for avoiding resources share wasting. Many users have not only one Alipay account, as long before Alipay allows one user register with different email and phone number.

However, quite a number of people worried the funds in their account affected or not. Alipay says that user can re-apply for new account registration; for accounts with funds in it, no matter how long without login, it will not be cancelled and suspended.


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