Third party payment method

 Third party payment is growing fast domestically and internationally. Especially in recent years, along with the ecommerce has been developed to a mature stage, the third party payment gateway accordingly presented a large number of gateway panels, the service of more diversity, and it involves more widely in business and our daily lives.

  The third party payment also has been divided into different areas:

1.    International credit card paymentthis area starts early, most developed in Europe and America. Asian countries are growing rapidly after Europe and America. The international credit card channel requires high standard certificate. Among all kinds of credit card, Visa and MasterCard are the most issued worldwide. The third party must has the two cards options in their services. Visa certificate is QSP issued on Apr1st,2013. Master certificate is Master PF. That possesses the two certificates in meantime, in china, is only 10 companies.  

2.    China Union Pay card paymentIn China, almost every one has a Union pay debit card. It involves all kinds of industries. And the union pay card payment goes mobile  along with the  Wechat and Alipay used more and more widely.

3.    E-wallet user payment panelE-wallet service is firstly registration for a new user. And the user type has merchant and customer. User can deposit from their bank card to the wallet system instantly and request withdraw of the wallet balance. Meanwhile, the e-wallet system provide a communication channel between the buyer and seller with more sophisticated services.

Except the above areas, the third party also is in POS payment, mobile payment and financial industries etc.


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