Payment option- third party payment

Third party payment method for foreign trade is varied.  For all kinds of payment method, it can be generalized as: online payment  and offline payment.  Or  as traditional offline payment, and payment gateway model.

1.     Third party payment gateway: it is an interface between bank financial network and internet network. It is a set of server equipment operated by the bank system which converts internet transmitted data to financial institution interior data.

2.     Traditional offline model: all transaction is processed  and fulfilled off the internet, and the procedure is tedious.

3.     E-wallet model: transaction between accounts, seller and buyer has to register account previously.

4.     Redirected link payment model: a individualism payment page, which is provided for international foreign trade payment in short time.

The third party payment features:

Payment gateway is directly butt jointed accordingly with merchant website. After the integration, the merchant can receive payment easily and securely. It is real time payment, efficient, stable, simple and fast, which is the first choice used in foreign trade website and b2c, c2c.

The traditional offline payment model:

Generally it comply the principle of cash on delivery. This model protects the merchant interests to a great extent.  For example: West Union, telegraphic transfer etc. used in big amount collection, the credited time is also very fast.
How to choose payment method:

For the ones chase security and protection, or hold with a fixed number of clients, West Union may be the best choice; for big amount collection, Telegraphic transfer is a good choice.

For long term business plan to raise transaction volume, expand the business, safe and low risk level, international credit card payment is recommended.

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