Faster, secured, developed payment gateway

Payment gateway is the interface connected between bank financial network system and Internet network. It processes the merchant payment information and customer payment command by the assigned third party gateway.

Payment gateway ensures the transaction is securely seamless transmitted between internet customer and ecommerce merchant.

In day to day ecommerce transaction on the internet, the customer need to fill out the fussy checkout information on the page of online shopping mall before they complete a online payment.  While, the customer can fulfill an online payment through simple steps under the payment gateway system.

Payment gateway make a payment procedure faster and easier. Customer’s payment for goods can transfer to merchant’s account in real time. It has greatly speeded up the capital turnover. On the other hand, the parameters of payment is encrypted in the processing, which guarantees the payment security.

Payment gateway can also be set to meet the requirement of specified transaction processing system.

Third party payment gateway provide multiple payment solution:  Visa、MasterCard、JCB etc. major credit card options.

Also more and more gateway supports with mobile APP payment solution: It enable merchant cover the market of almost 0.5 billion smart phone user. It provider customer with a new fresh payment experience along with a increased sales conversion rate on the smart mobile terminal.


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