Promotion advice for website display

How to boost your sales in shopping season. If you do not have enough time to reform your website in large scale and renovate the product page. You can still make some small adjustment to highlight the main promotion merchandise so as to push up the sales.

There are 5 pages can be adjusted to highlight the major product for merchant credit card processing:

1.      Homepage focusing on 1 to 3 products or preferential information. It can increase the access traffic to display multiple products in the homepage. But it does not contribute  to product sales, especially seasonal product. Most of time, the longer staying at the homepage browsing, the more hesitating of the customer. The seasonal resale product displayed in homepage is kept as simple as possible. Another way to highlight your special merchandise is to use charts exhibiting a kinds of product. This is applicable for customer finding for  a particular category product instead of specific product. This method works in different kinds of website especially for sites sell collection product, fashion  and home decoration.

2.      Title or ad lines highlight the product strong point. The heading does not only display product name but also tell customer how to solve problem. This action help customer find suitable product and inspire customer for purchasing gifts.

3.      Using bond or italic to show the key characteristic of product. Most of customer would not browse the entire product description. On contrary, they will only take a look at the first two lines and other information  to decide buy or not. You are also advised to use simpler description and add attractive features in it.

4.      Display the price decline rate by the best way. If the declined rate not showed there, the customer will do math themselves. But if the declined rate showed in weird way, it will cause too much thinking. In all, the decline rate is recommended to show in integer.

5.      Display the delivery time. Customer want to know when to receive package after purchasing today. If the delivery time is known  not have to wait till checkout completed, that will help customer to decide buy or not.


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