credit card using online

Generally when we shop online, we input card number, name, password and verification code information etc. in the checkout procedure to complete the payment. While in Amazon, you can finish a checkout without inputting password and verification code. You are only required to enter card number, name, expiry for completing an order. 

 More and more shopping website provide credit card payment service without card number and mandatory password. For friends who frequently shop overseas online, they know when they paid by credit card they are not required to input password but the three digits in the back of card, which is called cvv2. If the cvv2 is entered correctly, the payment is successful. Meanwhile, the password free service is provided along with real-time payment message sent to card holder’s cell phone. The card holder is recommended to protect their card information such as: card number, card holder information to avoid disclosure.

There are other issues need to be paid attention to:

1.      Do not go to unknown website which does not have the good reputation.

2.      Confirm your payment limitation. Some banks may set maximum transaction limit for common users. Even if the cards are the same type, the limit will be different according to the verification method for transaction security.

3.      Use the browser encryption function. No matter it’s IE or Netscape, they both provide encryption function, especially for online payment processing by credit card. The browser will pop out a confirmation for secrecy. If the browser reminds the security level is not enough or the information transmission may be attached, you are recommended to give up the payment.

4.      Do not use your credit card for payment in public computer.

5.      Keep your transaction record.

6.      Do not give your credit card out for the waiter to swipe the card for convenience when you eat out. 


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