Web store systems

In ecommerce age, no matter you are offline enterprise or sole proprietorship, if you want to make profit from ecommerce business, you need to open a online store. You can join big electronic business platform, or develop a independent online store. As regard to independent online store, which web store system to choose for better business.

An online website store for your own is no doubt much more flexible. If you run store in the ecommerce shopping platform. Customer comes because of the shopping mall platform instead of your own store. They can hang on to other stores and never come back to yours next time probably. However if customer come to an independent store, they purchase because of your own store. And you can manage your customer’s VIP level according to your consideration. You can get the idea how much reliable customer you are handling.

There are many web store systems you can refer to.

Shopex is the most frequent advertising and well marketing system. Well the price is also high. But how about the actual function when it is brought into effect. Let ‘s see the buyer feedback. They bought a product which has not been well polished. The function is far not enough from the advertisement says.

Ecshop developed by php code, the biggest feature of this sytem is open resource. If you know some basic tech information. You can process about it yourself. But after Ecshop bought by Shopex, the program update is basically stopped. In all, this system is more proper for people who has technical knowledge.

Hishop is also an old brand as the above two systems. It does not have much advertisement as shopex. But its function is not a bit less than it. Its major advantage reflectd on its distribution sales function. It has the biggest  marketing share of web store product resources distribution areas. It’s also more secure. And the price is more proper. The shortage of it is the model type is not that much.

A good proper web store system is very helpful for merchant credit card processing. There are also other major web store systems. Web store owner can choose according to their own need


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