Improve website conversion rate

Payment page redirection in user check out procedure is the major cause for reducing the website order conversion rate. Reducing the redirection for user is good for improving the conversion rate.

Let’s see an example of users number change during the payment by credit card check out procedure after purchasing an order.

Shopping card page: 7,480 entrance

Shipping information page:4,030 entrance

Payment success page: 2,817 entrance

We can see there are two steps shows apparent users loss. The first is from shopping card to shipping information. It lost 47% users. The second is from shipping information to order success page, it lost 30% users. If the users number has not lost, the order conversion rate will be definitely raised.

The three methods is effective in reducing users loss in payment by credit cad on the shopping website.

To improved the order conversion rate:

1 Simplify the checkout procedure: Any payment procedure will cause user loss. To reduce the payment steps is to reduce the users jump out. Simple operation will provide better experience for user. So we will try to avoid user return to product page. Simpler checkout page lead to less user loss.

2 Provide simple product instruction: As many people would jump out of the checkout procedure is to make sure if the merchandise is what they want. When they check again the information, there might be other thoughts. So the merchant can provide the simple product introduction in the checkout page to avoid user jump out.

3 Visually weaken the return button: This method is to reduce user loss in terms of the checkout environment. User cannot find the return button  quick may reduce the possibility of returning.


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