Online tangileb and intangible store

Along with the online shopping stores increasing, the product homogenization is becoming worse. It seems very difficult to find less competitive product. As a matter of fact there is no certain answer to what is the best selling product for online store. The essential point for what to sell is dependent on every particular seller’s actual situation.  As everyone has different resources, experiences and background.

The product can be classified as two categories in payment processing industry: tangible product and intangible product. So the store are separated by two kinds: tangible store, intangible store. The tangible store sells product online through displaying photo of the actual merchandise in real object.  Intangible store sells virtual product such as: gaming cards, coin, expense, equipment etc.

For tangible store: You can wholesale or find distribution sales or retail store. If by wholesale, you can select and buy on smalls fair or ask someone else to sell. However you need to put into quite a amount of funds and spending time to photo each product and upload to the website, than marketing the product. It also has a risk of overstock. By sales distribution or agent, you don’t need  to find the product resource. So you cannot see the product in real stuff and cannot tell the quality of the product. If the agent with bad reputation, often short in stock or sometimes out of stock. The above situation is not able to under control yourself.  


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