Customer service in online processing

Customer service is very vital in online consuming for ecommerce merchant. In card-absent processing environment, the buyer and seller does not trade face to face. The customer can only know the product information by the picture on the website, and the information answered by the merchant customer service. The merchant after service plays an very important role in an merchandise selling. The service staff has to keep following up with the customer till the customer receives the merchandise or service in different steps.

1,During checkout procedure, the customer may occurs internet issue which cause the payment cannot go through. The merchant should immediately help the customer to solve the problem and give proper instruction to help move forward the payment.

2,After shipment sent out, the merchant notices customer by email immediately with the package tracking number and url. So the customer know the status of their package and can track themselves. In situation that some package may get lost or damaged, it is better to contact the courier and re-ship for customer in a timely manner for merchant credit card processing.

3,Package delivered, in this step there may be many situations occur. Some customer does not satisfy the product in real compare to the thing on the website. Some may just change their mind. Or the shipment simply sent wrongly. The customer servicer is required to answer the customer in this step to prevent a complaint. In online processing, there is


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