Mobile pay in new area

As social network first major ecommerce merchant panel, micro-shop is one of the most important panels for We-chat ecosystem. Initiated on 2014, there has been 7000 merchants, with the products categories cover green food, fresh fruit and vegetables, and infant painting book and clothes, decoration accessories in all kinds of areas.

Chinese are so used to mobile payment. While in New Zealand, most of people are rely on cash, check, and card payment. For Chinese people in New Zealand, it is very hard to change the habit of mobile payment. For third party processor this issue could be a business chance.

Also, Australia and New Zealand merchants are highly relied on Chinese tourism but also original old-fashioned payment way. Some third party payment processing providers have started to open new market in the area after  communicating with the government and obtained the certificates.  Now Chinese mobile pay has entered new areas for providing convenience for the people.


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