Security for mobile pay

For online merchant, the payment method is more and more various. For example, the mobile pay technology is becoming increasing consummated and widely used in online consuming. According to a survey, over half of interviewee at least shop online once a week. While the global data is not over 30%. Compare to the other countries, Chinese people are more likely to use smart phone or tablet PC for buy on the internet and more frequently.
Although mobile payment is convenient for merchant credit card processing in daily life, it is also a profit-making channels for lawless person. It is being aimed by internet Hacker. They can hack into related APP and the users’ account, they can also change the program maliciously. Then they re-packed the data and posted on the resource website or sell to third party app store. The users’ accountant and confidential information can be stolen.

It is recommend that to note the security of resources where you downloaded the app. And when you receive text information in relating with money borrowing, please verify by calling back to avoid be deceiving.


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