international payment channel

For international ecommerce merchant, how to choose a good international credit card payment processor?
Nowadays, many payment processor companies provide free account setup, waived of annual fee, and any other fees are waived. But how does it turn out?  May be that will cause you more, your business cannot go through well using those services.

In foreign trade market, there are many kinds of businesses. Such as: replica, original, virtual product. While many are being prohibited by Visa or Mastercard credit card payment associations. Why? Because the major credit card company has the program of protecting the original brand and their own reputation.

How to decide the pros and cons of an international credit card payment processor:

1.     The approval rate of the processing volume

2.     The security level of the payment channel

3.     Cross border ecommerce channel stability

4.     Services of the all aspects around the transaction being provided

What interface supported by the websites in PHP in different language:

1.     All open source websites are able to setup international payment channel

2.     The commonly supported are: zencartWordPresseccube


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