Risk control for abroad chargeback

The credit card processing at home and abroad are widely different. It is recommended that the merchant conduct a comprehensive investigation at the sales territory in advance. To guide in the client questioning of how to pay and so as to increase the payment approval rate.

Controlling risk of international payment is vital to every foreign trading company. But the most exasperation is the chargeback issue after merchandise shipped out.

The general reason for chargeback are listed as following:

1. Customer did not receive the package

2. The merchandise is not as described as on the website

3. Malicious fraudulent transaction

4. Merchandise quality issue

For case 1: This happens sometimes. Such as stuck in custom. Under the situation, it is recommended the seller to do most of the job. Although an online payment services provider can mediate in such cases, the seller should be prepared for this ahead of time.

For case 2 and 4:It is complicated in such cases. For example, iphone8G product, customer received iphone 3G. The payment processor plays an important role in resolving the complaint. The merchant customer service is required to respond and take care of their customers effectively and timely.

For case 3: For fraud transactions, most of the time payment processor will flag the suspected orders and recommend merchant to validate and avoid lost. Both payment processor and merchant need to prevent the risk of this aspect.


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