Customer service

         Merchant should take care of their website order processing and the customer service. If one customer has problem then it affect your reputation if it is not solved properly. No one can say we are able to build perfect system with perfect third party payment processor to prevent unpredictable issues. Soft service plays an important role other than the hardware equipment. When customer has problem, except for a few tough or malicious examples, most of them indeed have some issues with the order such as: short of product after delivery, product maintain, product or service not received, cancelled transaction not refunded, payment problem in checkout etc. When these kinds of situation occur, customer may feel anxious or worried, they want to know if the question or problem could be taken care of, if the merchant is responsible enough to solve them completely.  That is why there may be some bad manner of speaking, or not decent use of words. The customer service needs to be prepared that customer issues are not involved personal side, it’s external about the store and the business. If customer issue being taken mistakenly, it may cause really bad influence on small issues. And all the sales job have been turned into loss. To stand in the entire company point with understanding the customer feeling, customer service is supposed to work out problem based on strong training. It also requires much experiences dealing with customer issues in all kinds. 


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