Merchant account service

        Last chapter we had discussed about merchant website display for different types: tangible product, service provider. The payment processing method for them is displayed differently. The tangible merchant integrates payment gateway in their website so customer can pay online. The service website sometimes only introduce some information of their service but does not integrate API for payment. The merchant can process order by virtual terminal through telephone and email order. The virtual terminal is also a payment option from ecommerce merchant account provider. But the criteria for applying VT is stricter as there are more potential risky elements consisted in such payment processing. But if you are an old long time cooperated merchant, it is normally easier for applying VT.

       Some payment processors take overseas merchant. The language is different, and the system is based on different kind of software and technical support. There will be more work to be done to take care the cases. The customary program and frequently used words are different. So communication is a key in maintaining the merchant account and their processing. The merchant service department will be taking care all issues with from other areas such as accounting, technical, risk control etc. The service department does not have to directly process the issues, instead  they communicate with other departments before answering or notifying the merchants. Therefore the processor obviously not only a technical service provider, it  also assists on customer issues, financial report service and settlement service. Also there are many currency exchange rate involved, we will be chatting next time.


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