Merchant website

          The merchant who sells online need payment options. They want to find a third party payment gateway to process their online sales. The first thing before the account application is that you gotta have a website. The website is the store where customer can purchase on the internet. There are many kinds of websites selling merchandise or provide service. Although the sites show very differently or similarly. Once the website interfaced with payment API which means it integrated with gateway for processing online payments, it will have a payment option on it. Maybe you are a service provider such as logo designer, website developing technician. Then on your website, it looks not the same as the consuming product list. You may have a passage to introduce your service, and how customer pay and get your service. In some cases the website is only a html page, not a website with all full function. The customer is not actually able to place order and pay online. They need to you call the merchant and discuss outside the website. Then there would  be no API integration involved. That means the merchant need a virtual terminal to process order instead of customer themselves go through the checkout procedure. There are some criteria in account application for this kind of merchant. Other then this situation, the website generally need a payment option for processing online payment.  The merchant is advised to maintain and check his website periodically to make sure it is well operated. 


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