New merchant account

     The merchant approval rate of the total online order attempts is a very important index which stands for the merchant quality. It suggests the merchant’s low rate of declined by bank risk control system; the customer are familiar with the payment procedure and most of them go well with the processing-good customer base; low bad cards rate including: restricted card, stolen or lost card, expired card, risk card etc. If two much bad cards and declined transactions due to bank block system, the possibility of merchant being scam is relatively higher. Online transactions are processed under card not absent environment, there is a potential risk of fraudulent situation.

       Nowadays credit card payment is a common way for international online transaction processing. The higher the approval rate of processing, the more stable of the volume in general. The merchant may have all sorts of questions after the account setup and processing started. For new merchant, there may be multiple policies and required operation per the third party processor. For example: tracking number, customer verification and website periodically review. These are common routine for online merchant account maintenance. For different merchant in different industries, there may be changeable and could be adjusted in submitting these required information.  


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