Declined reason for online processing

      The merchant account approval rate is also affected on many other factors. The network problem may cause the transaction processing interrupted, consequently the transaction payment is not submitted successfully. In such case, the order status is “failed” or “declined” if the payment result is not reported timely. Also sometimes there are situations that the transaction is updated with success from the bank system after a while when the network has gone smoothly. However, the transaction status on the merchant website back office is not necessarily being updated consequently. Because some merchant website system set the order status not changeable after certain seconds in the first time notification. The payment processing gateway should notify the merchant as soon as possible if such cases occur. The customer can be informed timely to avoid dispute. While the processor know the order actual status by accounting reconciliation between theirs and the bank system’s, or the transaction status is showed as success on their system.  The declined transactions caused by network problems are unpredictable but not account for large proportion in general.

        One of the decline is caused by system issue. This kind of decline is also very rare. The processor and bank can quickly solve this problem to change the decline situation. The declines caused by technical are usually related with merchant side parameters submitted. The API document contains the instruction of mandatory parameters and the format of submission. The merchant transaction data is required to be sent as the instruction to make sure processing approval. When something occur in processing, the fastest way is check inside the system and then contact the processor with all related data if they cannot find any problem within their system.


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