Declined order from customer end

      The ecommerce merchant account approval rate is not only affected by bank system risk control. The customer end could cause a lots of declines, such as: card credit limit is not sufficient to cover the transaction amount. This kinds of declines can be avoided by telling the customer to check the card balance before he submit payment request. Sometimes customer submits transaction payment request right after the previous order. The system may automatically determine the second order as duplicated transaction and decline it to prevent customer being charged twice on one transaction. So it is recommended the customer wait for a while for around 60 seconds before submitting another order. There are many other declines from customer end like: invalid card number. The customer is supposed to enter the card number correctly and make sure there is no space in the front, middle and last of the card number. Or it will be declined due to card number error. CVV2 error, account number and expiration also could be the reasons which cause decline due to incorrect data submitted. These are all declines that can be prevented on customer end. Therefore the merchant approval rate is able to be improved.


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