Merchant back office

       For merchant sells by website, a frequently asked question is which countries’ Visa/Master card are supported. As the customers may come from many different countries in the world. The answer to this question is that all countries’ credit card is supported as long as it’s issued by Visa/Master internationally for ecommerce merchant account.  It does not matter where the customer is from. The one thing that matter is if the customer card is debited in currency different from merchant bank, the transaction amount will occur conversion between banks. As exchange rate is fluctuating, so there is a slight discrepancy in actual charged amount.

        There is a merchant panel after merchant account setup in third party processor. Merchant can login to review transactions processed via the gateway and manage it. Generally there are profile, bank information, transaction, refund, chargeback, customer service, rolling reserve, settlement sections or others which varies according to different processors. Merchant can check information and download transaction report. The control panel is for merchant to quickly check real time transaction status and use function for all kinds of purpose. It also requires merchant to submit demanded document or information through merchant panel.

       In the transaction list, merchant can submit refund request and upload tracking number for each transaction. But if the merchant provides service, he can upload other forms of evidence to replace tracking number as to show the transaction is authentic and valid.  Generally most of merchants are able to comply with the basic regulation. The merchant can refund by click each transaction in the merchant panel. But if there are tons of refunds to do, the merchant can batch on their own website by integrating refund API. Therefore he dose not have to login to third party account for refund. He can issue refund on his own website automatically by system.


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