Instruction for new merchant

The first thing to do after the merchant account setup is website integration, which is technically integrating the website with the API of credit card payment processing gateway. This step enables the transaction submitted from merchant website to third party gateway to finally be charged in the bank system. The transaction data such as: customer information, transaction amount, date, billing information are confidential. The processing system uses encrypted technology and https plus other measures to make sure the transaction parameters secured. After integration done the merchant need to test transaction with his own card. If the transaction tested is successful, than the preparation is completed, the merchant can start live transaction processing after that. There are many parameters in one transaction, so the merchant need to make sure all parameter is submitted according to the API instruction.

         If the merchant process USD currency which means the website sells and paid by customer in USD, the payment processing is also based in USD, than there is no currency conversion in between. But if the customer uses credit card issued by bank based in non-USD country, and the card are not debited in USD, than the currency conversion will be generated between the merchant bank and issuing bank. The issuing bank will convert the USD transaction to the local currency and debited in correspondent amount in other currency according to their exchange rate on that date. Therefore the customer may find the actual charged money is not exactly the same with the order amount on the website. The currency conversion is not avoidable in cross-border transaction. It is recommended the merchant states clearly r


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