Merchant account setup

The merchant website has a necessary part which is privacy policy. The website states by whom it represents and what information it collects. The information normally are the customers information when access and register on the website: such as name, contact, order information. As those information are related to confidential, the website must clearly claim what exactly it will do with this information and the how long the information stored. The computer cookie are also the necessary part of the privacy policy. The measures what the website takes to protect the customer information are also included. And third party links, update of the policy, etc. Although different website has different privacy policy, the point is that it has to state what it does comply with the law.

The submitted website for merchant account application in the trading website which will be integrated with the third party payment processor. If the merchant later wants to add new website, if the application being approval, he has to submit request for register new website. Usually it’s a quick procedure for adding new website. As processing channel has a code associated with the industry. Different product with different industry are not supposed to mix in one channel. It is the responsibility which is undertaken by the payment processor.

After the account setup with the payment processor, the first thing for the merchant is to integrate the website with the payment API. API is a document which instructs on how to integrate the website with the parameters of the gateway and how it works. Generally API is very easy to read and use. But if some merchant does not have much technical support or without technician, he can ask for assist from the payment processor. After integration done, the merchant can run a test via the gateway to see if payment goes through before live processing.


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