Merchant website

When merchant apply for third party account for their payment processing, their application with the supplement documents will be reviewed before the application approval. The merchant trading website is a important compliance part. There are physical product website and service providing website. The website store is supposed to clearly show what product/service it sell. And the price for every product, product picture and description, navigation bar, homepage, contact us, about us, refund policy, privacy policy, delivery policy, return address, the above are the basic section for a trading website.

 Generally the “about us” on the website introduce who owns the website and when it starts to sell and what exactly it sells and what it is featured on. Some may have the service philosophy in simple words. This is where you can quickly introduce what you do and who you are.

The product lists is what the merchant sell. The product shows with picture and name in front page. When we click the product it will open the new page with product details and description: quantity, in stock or out of stock, size, dimension, and the usage etc.

The refund and exchange policy tells customer how the merchant deal with issues such as: cancellation, customer dissatisfaction, the speed and time frame for refund, the criteria for refund approval. The goods return procedure is supposed to be clearly explained with address or contact information.

The shipping policy describes how the merchant ship out the merchandise. How long for shipping out and the shipping fee, the time frame for delivery. How customer track their package. What assist the merchant will provide if customer has problems or issues with shipping.


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