foreign trading merchant

Foreign trade merchant needs to choose proper credit cards payment method for their online businesses. It could be a combination for different payment options. The most important thing is the security and convenience.

 Online merchant can expand their business by developing overseas market.  

1.  Take part in activities of various trade fair, expo and kinds of professional global product exhibition. The advantages of it are: 1). Promotion of your company image 2). Direct communication with your potential or current clients 3). Knowing your competitor. Nevertheless, such activities for taking part in costs much. The salesman are also required with excellent product explanation ability and English spoken skills.  

2.  Take full advantage of internet resources. For credit cards payment online merchants, you can post your company information and introduction to some B2B websites. It enable more foreign clients reach you through these websites. But in the meantime, the competition in the B2B between counterparts and very fierce. You need to try to play your business ability and tell good or bad buyer.

3.  Find the buyer through trading data, such as: import / export bill of lading which includes: seller, buyer, product, transport and transaction information. So we are able to know the potential clients in regards to where they located, why the order demand reduced, and with who our competitors cooperated, supplement quantity and so on.


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