Online merchant application

When you try to find a online payment processor, the most difficult thing is you have no idea about where the company located, if it’s trustworthy. When you have found the contact information in “About us”, you tried to call. But if the company is located overseas, you may fail to get connection directly with them and you can only leave a message instead. As to when you can receive reply, well, just wait for if there is any reply or not. However, if it’s a professional company, you may usually be able to receive reply within 48 hours. Email is a common way for ecommerce business communication. Also it’s very easy and convenient.  When you receive the email back, you can list all what you want to know, such as: processing rate, how fast the payout can be, if integration supported, if there is ready made ecommerce shopping cart  available, how many fees charged: annual fee, monthly fee and transaction fee, etc.

For all  online payment services questions, the processor merchant account manager will need to know your information before asking every detail. Generally you are asked to submit merchant account application form which you need to input all you company or website information: it includes certificates, transaction history, personal id and so on. The application processing may take 1-2 weeks. During the procedure, there are lots of questions between you and the processor needed to be clarified.

For start up business, the approval rate of application may be less, as the processing history is one key for account manager to do compliance. Of course it is not the only way to measure the application. To be continued in the next chapter.         


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