The point get to foreign trade career

I always being asked the question: how does foreign trade is going nowadays. Actually every industry has two sides. According to the current trend the opportunity is not as good as several years before. The competition is getting more fierce within the industry after all. Whether choose this industry or not dependents on if you are suitable for this , instead of easy doing or not. 

In my point of view, the standards to measure one fit for foreign trade or not can be listed as following:  

1.Good at communication. The English skill certainly are the basic condition, but if you cannot find the point of talking it won’t go smoothly.

2.Ability of hard working. As a sales you are supposed to be aware of working overtime. 
3.Get down to what you do. Sale is a kind of work you give at first and get pain later. Be prepared of this before you start your career.

4.Make good use of resources. Open your mind to search reachable resources insteadn of doing within your own area.  The core is to develop new clients. Other working is ranked secondly which you can learn later.
It is also the same rule in people work in online payment service. The ecommerce combine foreign trade and payment processing industries together. If you are doing cross border trading, find a trustable payment processor at first.


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