Sample fees in cooperation

Client quality decides the possibility of long term cooperation. The payment method which involves third party payment matters as well. A high quality client deserves our best service. How to determine a client quality? First let us to check by sample.

       An Indian client which I just met the other day, when he first inquire the price, I stayed up all night making him a price quote table. Unexpectedly he ask me to send him sample the very next day. He would not like to pay ten samples for just 100USD. How should we deal with this situation?

       If I had the same situation, I will do as this: I say to the client that the sample is charged according to our company regulation. When the samples sent to you are satisfied on your side and we have reached deals, the samples fee will be treated as the first goods advance payment and will be effective immediately. For client who truly want to cooperate will agree my suggestion. In this way the sample fee is still on ours, they are not charged by this.

      Generally samples goods are for charge, as good cooperation begins from charged samples.

    Sample fee can help determine potential client have order or not. Generally speaking client attitude on sample fee can determine if he has real demand or not. If he does and wants to buy in short time he will not mind the sample fee. 

  So next time when you talk about sample delivering, it is recommended to charge the fee and permit to return the fee upon cooperation. To insist on your stand and build our credibility and integrity in front of our client. 


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