Company or Factory

For many graduates fresh out of college, to find a job suitable for themselves is significant. Nowadays ecommerce business is going with rapid development. Many industries such as credit card payment with third party processors; cross border B2B; B2C and customer service related with these industries. With all these relative jobs, what kinds of aspects will you choose. For cross border ecommerce foreign trade newbie, they are considering to go to the factory or company office.

 In my personal view, for person with no foreign trade experience, working in factory is a good choice. Foreign trade agency and company is a setup platform provided for you. It is your own business if you go good or not. No much communication between colleagues. When you first enter a company starting your career you are not familiar with what you do. In the meantime, there is no professional experts training new staff on product knowledge. Secondly, the negotiation skill is relatively weak for graduate. While negotiation is what trade company does. If you work in factory, you can invite factory technician taking part in when client visits, you as translation can learn a lot during the processing. Such as negotiation skills, not just product information.

    Foreign trade agency is suitable for experienced salesman who want to increase their income. If they have customers base they can totally do by themselves. In one word, one who with plenty customers base, knows well about product, and is wiling to work hard are more fit for trade agency.


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