Manufacture transformation in ecommerce

In recent years foreign trade client deals show a downward trend. Some client even have transformed their model. The factory sales number therefore being significantly slump. Under such situation how does export factory change over to cross border ecommerce business platform. We know that ecommerce platform is closely related to payment processing. We heard a lot about ecommerce but we know little about the business workflow.  The urge of transform is imminent but as to how to shift is still a question. Some company want to develop more ecommerce clients but they are not familiar with the processing platform and the rules, without professional and experience they do not know how to start up.

For tangible merchandise factory in cross-border ecommerce area, their advantage relies on relatively strong product workmanship. They are familiar with the working process therefore are able to manage the quality. They have relatively abundant capital which can be using for support its development.
  But every coin has two sides. Compare to the advantage, the tangible factory’s disadvantage is insufficient on its ability person and professional employee. The way of thinking is probably not able to swift instantly. Meanwhile for newbie ecommerce company, if the sales cannot reach the expected number there may be a lot overstocked products which are occupied a large of funds.
   Despite the advantage and disadvantage, for tangible manufacture the transformation and development is must. Rather take initiative action than await your doom.  



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