Chance hide in small orders

Small deal can have multiple opportunities behind especially in ecommerce era closely related to online payment service. You probably get to cross new stage by gaining one chance. If you lost that chance, you may never realize the possibility to flyover.

We have a client who is import trader from Canada. They found lots of beautiful products with low cost in China. But manufactures in China demand at least 2000 to 3000 amount of orders one time. They complained to us: “Such quantity for big company is not a problem, but for small business like us it is an issue. Because for some patterns of products we needed time to do marketing. There is no way we can place that large amount of orders for one time.” They hope Chinese export trader can be flexible on processing small amount of orders.

If you have worked long in foreign trade business, you will find many big client place small orders as well. From the buyer condition of view, the small amount of orders have different background. It may from small company or big company such as: TV shopping/ online shopping or new product developing demand from big company.

Many export enterprise tend to set limits on small orders in order to avoid troubles along with it. For example, they regulate the minimum amount of ordering or have special request on payments.  It is understandable that enterprise do this based on their own consideration. But in the meantime they should keep eyes on future and check small orders development potentials. You may be able to catch big opportunity from it.  


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