After "NO" from your client

        The most upset thing for a salesman is probably the “NO” from your client. You have to be brave enough to ask your client the reason of rejection.  Of course you cannot make a speech on your client’s decision or make indiscreet remarks and criticism. You think: I’m giving you the best price, how could you give up, what is matter with you! I spend so much time and did the best to provide you a sample, and circle around with the manufacture, but this is the result from you.

Generally this is the advice I would give when I encounter such situation: Dear Sir, I understand what you have explained and appreciate all your efforts. But could you kindly let me know the reason for this? Price, or delivery or other element..

Some people sincerely tell you the reason, like: insufficient budget, shipping date incorrect, payment issue like credit card payment methods, high price, or other reasons. For different situation, there is correspondent explanation. If it’s insufficient budget, you can reply to him that the order quantity is not very big, the amount is not that large. You have spent this much effort, time and energy on this deal, the factory also spent much cost and energy, can we still strive for it. If it’s a little difficult to accept all, how about partial orders. The rest can be saved for the first month of next year.( Do not say for future, give the specific time, or you will be forgotten).

        For incorrect shipping out date, you can ask what is their predicted delivery time, and try to shift to an earlier date with factory.

        For high price: you can ask if he can accept similar product but in low price and stress the features of the product.

      Anyway do not give up until the last minute. Even if you have been forced to give up, you say goodbye decently to your client and expect cooperation in next time. Keep in touch at ordinary times.



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