Develop new client

How to develop new client in foreign trade business. Foreign trade involves a series of procedure including price, factory, manufacture, inquiry, payment processing etc. First of all the price is the top priority of all element. Especially for big client, the consideration of price is absolutely precede over of quality. Be sure not to think if you can't do with a price, no others can do. Goods deal on 1 penny with your company could be done by half a penny in other factories. Take electronic factory as example, there are over 3000 factories within one place: Dongguan of Guangdong. Client have many options out there. Therefore, when client threat to change factory if price not reduced, do not assume he is not able to do it with his price.

Secondly when client says he want to visit factory, you chance is coming. Never think it troublesome, only big client check factory before placing the order.

Do not go too far on bragging about the current achievement with client who has desire to deal with you. The promise is to be done. Even if you cannot complete you inform client ahead. Do not delay until your client ask. Credibility and integrity is very important. Even if your orders uncompleted, you have saved the credibility in front of your client, it is benefiting no matter for

Price quote requires technique. Different MP3 with the same capacity, you offer higher price, who will have interest?

 Quick response upon client price quote. Even if a general email reply will let you client know your work efficiency and respect for your client. Sometimes when you consider how to respond, your client already has left.



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