Creation relation with customer

Standing on the enterprise point, marketing is to aim on the customer demand, sell the product to client at right place with proper way, in suitable price with reliable payment processing. Thinking in traditional angle: marketing is enterprise sells product and stimulate customer to buy. Creation is to figure out how to “hit on what one likes” “how to sell longer, better and more”, to let customer accept the product of his free will and appreciate what enterprise provide. Customer trust and ease is the fulcrum of creation marketing , the key element of affecting marketing success or fail result is whether the company can obtain customer trust. Marketing is not selling, instead it’s buying, it buys customer trust and being relieved. Spreading it out, it’s to buy customer satisfaction and loyalty, the close relationship between customer and enterprise.

 It is supposed to stand on multi-dimensions of buying and selling, study and analyze the essence and regular pattern of every steps of trading. To research distributor and consumer demand, find and inspire, create, satisfy the demand of narrowly sub divisional , potential and unsatisfied, from goal project. To connect the demand and the product or service you can provide.

In the mean time, the information is more transparent. User gain bigger discourse power. Under new situation,  enterprise is supposed to be centered around user and study what the customer demand and talk equally with them, even let the customer take part in every link of creation processing.  Collect users’ wisdom, can enterprise win the future with customer together. 


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