Enhance conversion rate of quotation

Business processed through third party payment is required clean, professional and clear. This could cover all areas even though the client are from different industries and countries.

How should we respond our client who comes to inquire, in order to enhance the inquiry conversion rate. We have listed some strategy below for your reference.


1. Estimate client type. For new client: Analyze the client words and speech to get to know what the client needs. And check the origin country of the client including: website product information.

2. For old client: check the client inquiry information and the categories of product in question, the product inquired long before and the product inquired in recent months.


1.Verify client information and search website, company name, review the website on “about us”, “product”, “news” and “contact”.  

2. Search client email to check on which websites the client had ever sent the inquiry and inquiry details; To analyze it’s big or middle, small client, it’s import trader or export trader or online store private small company. For big client who inquires, be more careful and cautious, with profession, as big client is more selective and know well about the market.

Step3:price report

1. Price report be precise, clear, professional, and vary by different region. It is advised to report interval instead of specific price. Secondly the product numbers of price report should be controlled, try to lead your client. Use PDF for price report form, try not to use work/excel.

2. Product image be clean and clear with details of product showed. You may recommend one or two main products. The price quotation file be marked with date, product name same or differ with client searched or modified. 


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