How to deal client inquiry

We often encounter the client who just stick on inquiring the price but no order placed. For merchant credit card processing, it could be imagined sales people in such situation would feel worried like seeing the sky with all thunder no storm and raining. Today we find some tips to cope with such encounters for you to refer:

1.     You have to be prepared with general and good attitude yourself, they come to your door you treat them as guests with the way it is supposed to have. If you get annoyed as soon as you see them asking price, then it's the end. As a matter of fact, only if there is price inquiry, it’s probably client demand out there, why not take the trouble to obtain the opportunity. Client runs to door is much better than you find client all over.

2.     Gain the initiative. You are not supposed to be chased and questioned by them or eager to recommend yourself. It is rather to turn around and ask your client than to answer all questions asked.  It may cost more time though, for client only inquires price it will end quickly, the client will be deepened the impression of you.

3.     Make sure record the client contact information when they inquire. If this time you can not make deal, you still can send greeting text at holiday. You can be friends even though business not done. Maybe one day the client would return and find business with you.

The price reported for who have not make deals before will be higher than inner network price for some industries. If your cooperation with each goes well, you can give up some benefit according to actual situation after deals end. 


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