Building trust between business

Take responsibility

In commerce business, payment by credit card is a common money receiving option. It is a trust and responsibility processing industry. When you deal with new client, based on the condition of lowering the product price or helpful for your client placing order with you, the motivation you can give your client is to take responsibility of the possible risk which may occur in your first deal between each other.   

The risk normally may be the client worry that the product does mot meet his demand, or regret the deal or other situation. If you provide guarantee for this risk and take most of risk for him, then it’s a relive for the customer, you client feels less pressure for the choice of order. And if he choose not to deal with you, it will be a loss for him. The common responsibility undertaken are option below: 

l  30 days refund/return without condition

l  365days maintenance for free

l  7days return without asking for reasons

l  Refund upon dissatisfaction, client can keep partial product.

l  Pay now and delivery at same day with additional 90 days service period, ** time frame free maintenance, refund without asking reason after *** period. We can provide to door service to recycle product with 5% total price compensation. 

The methods such as above are many more out there. You can use reasonably the responsibility undertaken according to your own situation, to finally help creating the deal with  new client.

 Build trust

Trust is gradually created in the course of contacting with your client. Building trust requires multiple times and multi-dimensional ways.   As a matter of fact, every single business action you do is accumulating the client trust for your company, brand and product.  


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