Endless loop in foreign trade

Foreign trade and ecommerce payment processing may have a lot of endless loop. While some of endless loop are caused from the person hooked by his own lies. For example: phone has been an important communication method in foreign trade business. For developing new customer, if you don’t know how to do phone communication, then it will be labor hard to little avail.

Still many friends have their own reasons to explain why he does not have to make a phone call. I want to say one thing, it’s because you dare not to call, you don’t call. You never call therefore you don’t know how to communicate by phone.

This is one kind of endless loop. Not to break the drop-dead halt, you will not be able make break through in phoning. No direct communicating on phone, the path of market developing will be very hard. I believe no one can accept this consequence.

To break this drop-dead halt, our method it to create a standardized process in serving customer by phone. Staff does repeated exercises and forms a work habit by quantization.   

For some skilled tele sales, they are different and excellent in speaking way, professional level:

They are better on developing new clients. Although your company provide clients profile and resources, but they still find in many other areas: forum, recruit information, google, baidu and so on.

They can be very patient on studying when is the best time for calling. Such as 3pm to 6pm.
His voice can be very sincere and professional. He often record his own voices on the phone so he know which part to adjust the speed and way, to remove the redundant words.

The words he uses is varied according to different people instead of a set of template.
And he knows his product well and customer psychology.  


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