Merchant’s customer service in payment processing

Payment procedure initiated by customer and processed through payment gateway and bank financial network, it is generally completed within 24 hours. If the transaction is pre-authorized, then the time will be completed according to the billing cycle set by the merchant. During the payment processing, there would be all kinds situation may occur due to the network problem, as the online transaction is based on the internet. Such as missing orders, timeout orders, failed, or duplicated transactions.  Once a transaction processed successfully, the payment system will generate a automated email with order details to customer and merchant to confirm the order. This automated system confirmation is a basic setting for a payment system, which in order to confirm an order information and for verification.  Some payment companies will verify a transaction by phoning the customer. However the verification method is based on the merchant’s requirement and agreement and adjustable. 

During the payment processing and after a payment completed, the merchant’s customer service is recommended to keep in connection with their customer  in time. Customer will have all kinds of questions for their online payments. The customer service is needed to answer and assist the customer regarding their transaction concern and product concern. Sometimes the payment processor may receive the merchants’ customers questions by email or phone. And then the merchant will be notified immediately to respond the customer. The customer service is important in dealing with the customer questions and complaints. A delayed response or improper response to a complaint will cause card issuer notice and investigate the merchant in question. And the worst situation is the merchant account service will be suspended. A responsible merchant relatively has more stable customers group and processing situation. 


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