Schedule and relationship with client

Every industry has their own law. For ecommerce business and foreign trade which related to merchant credit card payment, we have our own experience to share what we can do better on this.
Some people say there are so much hardship and great trouble in doing foreign trade business. You have to deal with Jet lag very often. This point I do not deny. But what industry does not have hardship. Compare to manual labor work, we cannot say definitely we are more hardworking than them. I used to add frequently used countries time on my phone, and put an electronic clock on my computer desktop which can show each country’s time, for the convenience of query.  Actually most of time we have been known well and need not to check every time. For example, California time: our time zone minus 3 hours and turn over.
I have spent a lot of time on striving for time. Thinking of when I started doing foreign trade, I can work from day till night without sleeping. Of course this not to be recommended. You can have a plan previously. If you have meeting with your American client tonight. We can make a schedule and set an alarm clock. We need to rest for enough time before we communicate. Try to reply client in the first time immediately. Many client say Mark is the fastest email replier among many suppliers. But time is also what I have obtained strived. Let client feel that you are there any time beside them.
Client is god, this word is always right. But please remember he is your client but slowly he becomes your friend. From client to friend, we need more time. Make people believe you. We should dialectically analyze our client not weigh and consider them.  


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