Foreign trade suggestion

In ecommerce foreign trade, we have discussed before that when our client called us to inquire the price, they are not caring just price, they want to know a lot of questions and information, such: payment by credit card security, product quality etc.

The first thing the client concerns about is product quality. To answer your client, many of us may give the following reply: we are qualified supplier who have been running this for 5-6 years with clients from all over the world.

I think almost every one can write the above things. If you were your client, do you think you can believe just the words? No real evidence and proof, you client will just give you the money for business? Foreigner like certificate and sample and audit. Give what your client ask for. These are able to be provided by most of manufactures. Actually many smart suppliers have already marked these information on their product image. At least this will rest assure a little bit for your client at unknown things.

For sample, except for the big merchandise which is not easy to be sent out, most of products can be sent as sample to your client. However for business we are not sending for free. For low value product, we can send some with their paying the shipping fee. Some client has their own courier user account, who are pleasant to provide this.
More and more overseas sellers are willing to fly over to China for examining the goods. That is absolutely alright. We should have confidence with our own product and our factory. Of course some traders may not come there, I don’t think this will be an issue.

We cooperate with client based on reputation and quality, no matter how big or small the factory. No one would care you are trader or owning factory, only if you can provide what they want.


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