No answer after enquiry

How to deal with no response after offering price? This is a typical situation for foreign trade business. In ecommerce business area, same as for merchant has to choose a trustworthy payment processing gateway, your client not only require your price provided, he has to consider a lot more things other than the limited information over taking. If you receive no reply afterwards, it’s a common situation in export sales especially in current market quotations. 
How to track and attract your client is a key point.

There are many suggestions and advices online, each has its own merits, ultimately they can be summarized as below:
1. Directly ask your client the reason

2. Keep tracking

3. Call your client to inquire

The enquiry can be classified as two categories:

1.    plant buyer

2.     distributor or trader enquiry

For plant buyer:  The possible reasons for no answer are summarized as: price on the high side, the company delay the project, existed materials sufficient for production, avoiding risk of purchasing with new supplier.

The clever method to cope with the above situation:

For plant buyer, you will not only offer the price but provide with 3 or 4 plans. The prices should be with obvious differential, and how/what does the difference affects the usage.
Many sales just simply give random plans as following suit, however they did not explain the result and effect the difference brings. That is why many clients do not respond after inquiries.

If client request are very specific, such as asking a particular product. We can start with the processing flow and brand, using everything that can be related to the price, which makes your client cannot say no for further contact.

For distributor and trader: We will talk about regarding this in our next chapter. 


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