Some aspects about merchant account

One of ecommerce main bodies is merchant. In payment system, the merchant account is provided by third party payment gateway. The merchant account, which is the seller in payment processing, the final receiver of the customer payment request. The online merchant generally sells product or provides services through their website or the online shopping mall. Foreign merchant and Chinese merchant’s customers can be domestic or overseas or both. Merchant account service includes every aspect of the payment processing.

First, ecommerce merchant account setup. Account registration in different payment provider company has different policies on charge. Free account is also available in some companies. It is dependent on different strategies and policies. Merchant apply for account, than the application will go through a series of views and check. The materials required are certificates for company or sole-proprietorship proof, and IP photo, and billing statement or water/electricity bills and processing history. The purpose is to verify the merchant is legitimate and authentic. As the online business is not face to face, so all the procedure is conducted to confirm the application is real and legal. If a merchant is a business start up, then the processing history is not required. 

After account setup, the first thing is to send merchant id confidential information and API document for integration.  Merchant can login by the information to the payment system panel. And check the processing fee and ration, and to know the function about the merchant account. Once merchant start processing, they can check their every single transaction, their settlement, and issue refund, download and upload information. New merchant will have a period of probation time for payment processor to check the transaction situation, stability, chargeback ratio and approved rate, etc. 


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