Maintain relationship in foreign trade

For foreign trade business man or in merchant credit card payment processor industry, you have to know well the exchange rate. When you are duty, the first thing in the morning is to check the exchange rate of different countries. It is generally as central bank or Bank of China rate as reference. Because foreign trade are processing large quantity of business, a little fluctuation will have a great effect. And this procedure only requires 10 minutes.

The second base work is to maintain your client. It is compulsory lesson for every sales man and it should be started from every single detail.  Check your email everyday and client following up schedule to find which clients have not been contacted recently. Send them a greeting email one by one every 2-3 weeks in general. And the email content should be varied according to each client.

This to be done for benefits below:

1.     Keep in touch with client who have not cooperated, let him remember you. If one day the client is just about to change the supplier and see your email in the mean time, he might take a look at you then it’s your chance. Keep in mind that the email content is brief and slight. Never send a long-winded email. They don’t have that much time to read a bunch of introduction. It will make your client feel antipathy.

2.      Keep in touch with your client who had already deal with you. It will improve relationship between.  Every after sales service is a opportunity of reorder.  And it will strengthen the impression of the client at you and it will do good effect. Same as above, the email to follow up on this should be brief and slight.

Remind your old client about considering new order. If you old client receive your email, they may reply you in short time. Some of them may even tell you when they will place new order. This is no doubt the best situation. These things are simple and will no take over too much time but will give good effect.


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