Handle foreign trade phone calling

Many payment processing platform are dealing with overseas transactions for foreign trade merchants. Many foreign trade newbie listening English and spoken English is not very skilled, when they first received a phone call from foreign client they could barely understand what the clients were saying and they don’t know well how to express what they want to say. The consequence probably be a missing chance of enquiry or deal.  Following are some tips for you to handle the calls from foreign trade clients.

1Before you receive the call, check if the phone number country code is from overseas. If yes, get a pencil immediately for recording convenience. 

2Reply “Hello” politely after get on the call. Normally the client will tell who they want to speak with. If you heard your name, just say “This is XXX speaking”. Or you can say “Excuse me, who is speaking” when the client finish his first sentence. So the client tells you who he is, and you take note of it.  Ask again where they come from.  Next is to ask what is matter with they. So the client will say what it is about. Generally the phone call is from the person you recently contacted, rarely are new client. If the name and country you can immediately be reminded of then you know what aspects of the phone is about. If you cannot remember, ask what this is about. If you still cannot understand what they are saying then repeat what you heard to confirm if your understanding correct or not.

3If you don’t have impression of your client name or cannot find relative email, you can ask "Have you sent the email to me before?". Then please listen carefully if it’s “yes” or “no”. 
4If you still cannot tell what the client are saying you should say: “I understand what you said, but could you send an email to me to confirm, please?”. Ask the client if he knows your email address. Then ask him to send you an email regarding what he just talked. This is done to get what he expressed more clearly by email to avoid missing the deal.  

At last add the line"Glad to speak with you, goodbye!”. 


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